eCommerce ERP Integration

Connect your website to existing business operations.


Full Integration with ERP

We are taking our intuitive feature packed ERP solution the extra mile with full and seamless integration between your web presence and your business operations. Don’t duplicate the inventory details and sales processes you already have. Make the most of EBMS by connecting to a dynamic website to gain efficiency, boost sales, and deliver a much-improved customer experience.

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Online portal for customers & dealers


Generate web store from your ERP product catalog


Receive payments and display order history online


Two-way, real-time flow of data

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eCommerce ERP Integration

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Improve Customer Experience

Now your customers can login to their account, shop your catalog, view order history, and pay outstanding balances all without contacting your staff. Business to Business (B2B) customers place orders online with their pricing while viewing availability and checking out with their payment terms, making it easy to reorder and interact with your company.


Boost Sales

Full product listing and shopping cart capabilities make it easy for retail and wholesale customers to buy from your company. No longer do customers need to fax, email, or call orders into the office to view product details and place orders. By listing thousands of products online, search engine ratings will dramatically increase, driving more buyers to your website and growing sales.


Automate Processes and Improve Efficiency

When customers place an order online, it syncs into EBMS as a sales order, automatically communicating order, inventory, customer, and shipping information between the website and ERP. This full integration eliminates the need to manually enter data from one system to another while reducing errors, presenting real time accurate inventory, automating order entry, and handling increased sales demand.


If your business includes... 

  • Product pricing and stock that change frequently
  • A significant quantity of business to business (B2B) orders
  • Customer accounts with history, invoicing, and product catalog
  • Inventory complexity such as customer specific pricing, made-to-order product, or serialized items
  • Manual order entry by internal staff

... this solution is designed for you! 

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PayPal Payment Processing 
New & Seasonal Items 
Promotional & Bracketed Pricing 
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Serialized Items 
Dealer Locater 
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