Improve Productivity with Efficient Labor Management.

manage tasks and work orders

Manage Tasks & Work Orders

Deploy the right resource to the right project at the right time by scheduling tasks, managing employee schedules, tracking parts, evaluating billable time, and maintaining efficient invoicing systems. Easily create and schedule a work order, add tasks and parts, and tie actual vs billable time into payroll to maximize resources and boost productivity.

record labor

Record Labor

Empower your employees to record time on a variety of daily tasks, work orders, and appointments while in the shop, on the road, or around the world. Simply clock in at the start of the day from a mobile device or timeclock and time is automatically recorded as each task is open and completed.

evaluate labor costs

Evaluate Labor Costs

Labor is conveniently connected into jobs, sales orders, serialized whole goods, and time-card detail to quickly measure efficiency of employees and quantify billable time. Advanced work code features and integration with job costing allows managers to accurately evaluate cost categories, align resources, and make data driven decisions.

integrated payroll system

Easy-to-Use Payroll

The flexible payroll system is used to compile payroll information to send to a third party or process internally. Quickly process advanced pay types, pretax deductions, benefits, and forms and reports to improve back office efficiency. Piecework payroll, flag pay, commissions, and prevailing wage are used to accommodate complex payroll requirements.

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  • Commission pay

  • Piecework pay

  • Certified payroll and prevailing wage jobs

  • Benefit pay and advanced pay types

  • Work order management

  • Track and evaluate billable time vs actual time

  • App to track labor on the go

  • Time clock options

  • Hourly and salary pay

  • Complete history per job and employee

  • Complex deductions and taxes

  • Manage flag time

  • Direct deposit and piecework pay vouchers

  • Tax forms and reports

The task module of EBMS has helped us to productively manage the scheduling of service calls and maintenance jobs.

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