Purchase, Stock, and Assemble with Powerful Inventory Control

inventory catalogs

Manage a Large Catalog

With the right inventory control software, you can organize inventory into categories and know which products are being stocked and what is available at any given time. Get the details you need quickly with complete purchasing, sales, and service history. Replacement parts, past usage, rental details, service notes, lots, and warranty information are traced per unit. Product can be tracked in multiple inventory locations, including service trucks and warehouses, while purchasing, storing, and selling - all from one catalog.

supplier integration

Integrate with Supplier Data

Powerful lookup tools integrate directly with vendor catalogs to give you instant access to updated price files, availability, and inventory lists. Quickly pull product info, add landed costs, create a special order, and send the purchase order with speed and efficiency. A new year? A new model? No problem. As soon as the manufacturer provides the data, you have it.

track special order items

Track Special Order Items

Do you sell a large volume of special-order parts or custom items? Automatically generate a purchase order at time of sale, track inventory correctly, and use flexible cost calculation and pricing options to track special orders with ease. Accommodate complex inventory needs by kitting multiple items into standard component lists, assemblies, materials lists, manufacturing batches, made-to-order items, and sets.

order fulfillment solution

Improve Order Fulfillment

Documents such as bills of lading, shipping manifests, and packing lists can be generated immediately at order entry to ensure on-time delivery. The Mobile Scanner solution simplifies tasks such as inventory shipping, receiving, warehouse and job transfers, and adjusting counts to deliver product with efficiency while maintaining accurate inventory records.

create and assemble product

Create & Assemble Product

Set up inventory products from raw materials or assemble inventory kits before the sale of the item - all while maintaining proper inventory counts. Accurately purchase raw materials, create finished goods from Bill of Materials (BOM), schedule batches, and calculate accurate costs to boost productivity

integrate sales and financials

Get the Details You Need with Integrated Sales & Financials

Integration of inventory management with other business functions is one of the key strengths of our ERP system. The process of purchasing, stocking, manufacturing, and delivering product is integrated tightly with order entry and accounting. Additionally, you may choose to build a dynamic website store from your inventory catalog, track inventory and time used per job, review valuable business intelligence reports, and more!

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  • Multiple Warehouse Locations

  • Multiple Units of Measure

  • Flexible Pricing Options

  • Multiple Supplier SKU’s per Item

  • True First-In, First-Out (FIFO) Costing

  • Calculate appropriate stock levels from past historical values

  • Unlimited Bill of Materials (BOM)

  • Advanced Purchasing Methods

  • Serialized Item and Service History

  • Import/ Update Inventory from Supplier Price Files

  • Special Order Tools

  • Lot Tracking for Traceability

  • Integrated Mobile Scanner

  • Rental and Scheduling Tools

  • Made-To-Order (MTO) Tools

  • Integrated Job Costing

EBMS is a comprehensive software, that integrates accounting, inventory management, job costing, reporting, manufacturing, customer contact info, among other things. EBMS is flexible and customizable to accommodate a wide range of business applications. We love it!

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