Wagler Steel

Delivers Custom Orders the Same Day


This family business is built out of years in the construction business and seeing a need for a local roll former that can produce metal orders quickly. At Wagler Steel you can expect lower prices and a same day or next day turnaround because you are buying straight from the manufacturer. Specializing in metal panels for both commercial and residential jobs, product is manufactured per job and precut to custom dimensions.  

Located: Paradise, PA

Using EBMS Since: 2016

Quick and accurate order fulfillment brings customers back... 

Wagler buys metal that comes in coils of cold rolled steel, cuts it to length, and roll forms it into panels. Contractors often call in with a list of materials needed or just a building size while homeowners may bring a rough drawing of their project. Custom panels, trim, fasteners, and accessories are designed, manufactured, and packaged per job. Waglers’ knowledge combined with efficient processes allow them to take orders from design to delivery in just 1-2 days. 

Manufacture Made-To-Order 

Wagler cuts the length of the metal panels to order to an 1/8 inch. All odd lengths are recorded and billed to the exact dimension in EBMS.  As orders are manufactured, inventory is accurately deducted from the coils.  

Prompt Order Fulfillment 

Most orders are on a 1 to 2 day day lead time so they must be pulled quickly and manufactured with accuracy.  As soon as an order is placed it is transferred to the shop floor where the guy that roll forms gets one sheet and the trim guy with another sheet. Taking product from order to delivery in an efficient way is key to producing custom orders quickly. 

Quote and Sell Odd Lengths

Accurate prices for odd lengths of metal are automatically calculated at order entry. This produces accurate pricing while saving time - often while the customer is still on the phone.

Wagler Steel Shop Floor

Track Linear Feet of Coils 

The ability to track linear feet of coils is a feature that is used constantly and originally attracted Wagler to EBMS.  Most inventory is received wrapped in coils and EBMS is specifically designed to purchase and sell in different linear measurements.  

Trace Coil Lot Numbers 

Each metal coil is tracked by a lot number and recorded at order entry. This allows Wagler to trace the metal in each order to the exact coil, where it came from, and the supplier. Some of their metal contains a 40-year warranty and tracking lot numbers to manufactured product allows warranty claims to be processed.

Inventory Control 

Metal stock is traced from the original coil purchase to the manufacturing and sales of custom lengths.  Accurate visibility into stock levels of trim, screws, and accessories is also important to be able to deliver packages on time.

Price for a Variety of Customers

Both contractors and homeowners are serviced at Wagler. Multiple price levels for retail, contractor, and wholesale pricing, make managing pricing for a variety of customers simple.  

View Order History

If a customer has ordered before, Wagler can see all order history as well as any important customer information. They can quickly go back and find a previous order to match an exact color or lookup a product used.  

From vendor invoices and inventory tracking to order entry and final payment, all processes come together to form an efficient workflow at Wagler Steel. This highlights their experience with metal, their convenient local location, and the quality of product they offer to service builders on time, every time. 

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“I had never used any other software systems, but it was still really easy for me to learn how to use EBMS.” 

Carrie Wagler, Wagler Steel

A Few Favorite EBMS Features

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Pricing and Tracking by Linear Dimensions

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