Sam's Mechanical

Reduces Customer Downtime with Full Forklift Service



This full-service forklift company supports customers throughout Lancaster and Chester Counties with forklift sales, service, repair, and rentals. Many customers are small businesses without backup equipment, making for a demanding response time. Sam’s Mechanical reduces customer downtime by quickly delivering rentals while simultaneously fixing or replacing the customer’s equipment.  

Located: Gap, PA

Using EBMS Since: 2004

Its about delivering faster and more efficient service...  

At Sam's Mechanical, repair work is done in the shop and on the road.  From sales and service to rental and repair, the company relies heavily on EBMS (Eagle Business Management Software) to serve customers with efficiency. 

Track Each Piece of Equipment

Each piece of equipment, both sold and serviced, is traced using a serial number. The year, make, and model are recorded making data easy to sort and review. Labor and service notes are also attached to the serialized equipment to track costs and make decisions.

Parts Management

EBMS is used to track part sales, view stock levels, and make purchasing decisions.  Detailed sales history gives the purchasing department info to know whether sales are low and if a part should be phased out. Many parts are cross referenced across manufacturers to maintain optimal inventory levels. 

Historical Data

Sam's customer base includes many repeat customers over a large span of years, making historical details invaluable.  Sometimes Sam’s sells a new piece of equipment, the piece is resold by the customer, and eventually it returns - where sure enough, Sam's can lookup the serial number to view historical details. 


Quickly Pull Parts

One challenge at Sam's Mechanical is maintaining an accurate and diverse parts inventory. The service department typically needs to get parts as fast as possible. A scanner and bar code system is being implemented as the company continues to tighten up inventory control. This allows technicians to quickly add parts to a work order or sales order.

Rent Equipment

Customers pick up rental equipment but also many times the equipment is scheduled for delivery. Flexible EBMS rental tools are used to organize items into rental codes, calculate proper pricing for classes of equipment, and create rental contracts for certain periods. 

Track Parts Per Service Van

Sam’s has several service vans, each equipped with its own parts inventory. Inventory is traced and viewed in EBMS per van, as well as across all locations, for full inventory visibility.

Manage Labor & Parts for Trade-In Equipment

Refurbishing and selling trade-in equipment is part of business at Sam's Mechanical. Labor and parts are attached to each piece of equipment to track total cost incurred and resell value. Accounting is accurately recorded as parts are pulled, labor is calculated, and equipment re-valued to sell.  

Access to Data Across Operations

Information is recorded and used across service, labor, and sales departments.  For example, service labor on a piece of equipment is tied into payroll as well as into billing. Everything is tightly connected with real-time data providing key information to make good business decisions.  

Accounting and Financial Tools

Sam's has access to years of transaction detail in EBMS making it easy to view their complete audit trail. They regularly view summary information using flexible reports while also drilling down into source documents, time stamps, and user information. 

A recent move to a brand new and expanded location is allowing Sam's Mechanical to serve even more customers.  As they grow, it is important that all processes are tightly connected to continue serving customers with speed and efficiency.

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"One of the big values of EBMS is that it is a complete system. You are taking all the information from many different corners, whether service, labor, or sales, and it's all going into the same GL transaction account at the same time."

Ken H., Sam's Mechanical

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