Premiere LLC

Delivers Building Supplies with Speed and Efficiency



This exterior supply company provides entry doors, windows, siding, and stone veneer to general contractors. At Premiere LLC you can expect a consistent variety of stock, custom design options, and the best warranties on the market. Known for their quality product and warranty service, they have built strong business relationships with both manufacturers and local contractors.

Located: Lancaster, PA
Using EBMS Since: 2002

It is all about delivering the right product quickly and efficiently... 

Consistent product stock, efficient special-order delivery, and reliable warranty repair service are the keys to Premiere's strong contractor relationships.  From flexible quoting to inventory visibility, they rely heavily on EBMS to deliver a Premiere customer experience.

Special Order Entry Integration

Many contractors send homeowners into the Premiere office to design a visual of their custom entry door. Premiere uses their manufacturers' tool, Provia EntryLink, to design product and place orders.  EntryLink is interfaced with EBMS to automatically create a purchase and sales order. This eliminates manual entry errors, saves times, and speeds up custom order delivery.

Large Inventory Stock

You can expect a consistent stock of materials at Premiere. Siding panels, colors, and accessories are stocked so that if you run out, you can stop by and pick up some more. Product pricing, weight, and details are maintained by connecting the supplier spreadsheet to EBMS.

Inventory Visibility

A couple of truckloads of product are received at the warehouse each week. Most of these products are delivered to the customer's job site or shop. Premiere uses EBMS to quickly answer questions about stock and order status. 

Quote Product with Options

Premiere quotes a variety of product with different colors, series, styles, and options.  Flexible price levels combined with efficient order entry options, enable them to meet customer requests in a timely manner.

PremierLLC Feature1


The purchasing tab in EBMS is used heavily to purchase stone and siding inventory.  Purchasers use min/max levels to quickly view how much should be ordered to fulfill customer orders and maintain a consistent stock.  The purchase order and sales order are linked together giving visibility into invoice and arrival information. 

Budgeting Tools

EBMS budget tools have helped the company to project goals and create targets for managers.  By understanding year history they are able to predict revenue even during off-season months. 

Financial Visibility for Manager

By pulling inventory, accounts payable, billing, purchases, and every aspect of the business into EBMS, Premiere is able to see exactly where they are at each day. Accurate reporting allows them to make good day-to-day decisions for the profitability of their business.

Flexibility and customer service are strengths at Premiere. Ruthie says, "One thing that is great about working at Premiere, is the customer service that I am able to provide. That is because of systems like EBMS and EntryLink that allow me to be efficient. " 

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"EBMS does a great job at tying the sales, purchasing, and finances, all together, so I understand what is going on in the business."

Eugene E., Premiere LLC

A Few Favorite EBMS Features

Order Integration with Manufacturer

Order Integration with Manufacturer

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