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How this Farm & Turf Equipment Manufacturer uses ERP to provide best-in-class manure spreaders



A small manufacturing company that prides itself on high-performance, low-maintenance farm and turf equipment for use by farmers and equestrians throughout the United States, Millcreek Manufacturing finds success by supplying some of the highest quality manure spreaders available so that their customers can spend more time enjoying their acreage and less time maintaining it.

Located: Honey Brook, PA
Using EBMS Since: 2019


Introducing Millcreek Manufacturing

The operational workflow at Millcreek Manufacturing involves managing thousands of inventory parts and complex labor tracking throughout the manufacturing process. Given they manufacture many different varieties of manure spreaders, they needed to build out variations to the core manufacturing process. This also required them to develop the appropriate SKUs, Bill-of-Materials, and various configurations inside their manufacturing batches to ensure the equipment is built to the right specifications, to a high standard of quality, all while maintaining or even improving production efficiency.

In order to handle his company's complex workflow, Henry knew that his company needed an ERP solution that his team actually enjoys using and would help make growth easier. 

Dealing with Unnecessary Complexity and Frustration

Up until 2019, Millcreek Manufacturing had been using a software solution that presented many challenges for the small company. The software was designed for larger manufacturing companies and added unnecessary complexity to their workflows. Team members would be presented with error screens regularly while trying to do their work, wasting time and creating frustration with the experience.

It felt difficult for Millcreek to get access to the right software consultants and support representatives who understand their needs and could solve the issues that kept coming up. Over time, it became apparent that this software was not the best solution for Millcreek Manufacturing. 

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A Better Way Forward

Millcreek Manufacturing has since partnered with the team here at Eagle Business Software to address the challenges they were facing in the manufacturing and operational processes. Since partnering with Eagle, Henry and his team have had access to the support they need when they need it. Henry has been able to connect with his Account Manager and some of the Support team at Eagle to find solutions that work for his company.

In addition, EBMS has given him the ability to simplify his accounting processes and get a better grip on the company's overall financial picture. But what he really loves about working with Eagle are the similar company values and access to people who know his company, so it's easy to keep a relationship where he feels understood as a small business owner. 

Henry's team is excited because they understand the software and can do their jobs without constant errors. According to Henry, there was "a collective sigh of relief throughout the company" when they made the change to EBMS. Daily processes that used to take 20 minutes or more have been reduced to just 2-3 minutes. Millcreek Manufacturing has also harvested value from PowerBI capabilities, website tools, electronic filing, and more using EBMS. 


"We're working with a system that serves us, rather than serving our system." - Henry Zook


Looking Ahead

Millcreek Manufacturing is looking forward to continued growth over the next few years. They're looking forward to a warehouse expansion project to accommodate the growth they have been experiencing. With these changes in mind, Henry is considering additional inventory control features to help with the expanded warehouse as well as the use of some of the MyEBMS mobile apps. We're grateful for our partnership with Millcreek Manufacturing and eager to support them as they continue to grow. 


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"The biggest thing I noticed immediately after moving to EBMS was the collective sigh of relief throughout the entire organization as people were like, 'Yes! This system works! It's simple, I understand it. I can do this.'"

Henry Zook, Millcreek Manufacturing

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