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When a company has withstood the test of time, it is always interesting to see what has attributed to its success. Cocalico Plumbing and Heating has been in business since 1990 and is known for their outstanding and trusted personal service. CPH’s main focus is on plumbing and HVAC service and replacement. Their work is mostly in residential, but they also do some light commercial work.

Located: Denver, PA

Using EBMS Since: 2004

Real time service data and field communication... 

Technology has brought a lot of changes such as touch-less faucets, computers on HVACs, sensors to alert what’s wrong, and even showers with different presets controlled from an app. Expectations of service environments continue to change as well to include better field communication and automated processes.

Automated Service Call Workflow
When CPH receives a call they immediately make a task in EBMS. Each task is then scheduled for a technician. The technician clocks in onsite to record time and parts. Before leaving he completes the work order, bills the customer, and takes payment. All time is automatically recorded on his time card, invoices and payments recorded in sales, and details recorded for continuing service.

Real-Time Scheduling 
CPH technicians sometimes make 4,5, or even 6 stops a day. Office staff track the progress of their technicians by viewing task and time card progress in real-time. Emergency calls come in often and this transparent progress allows office dispatchers to shift schedules easily.

Accurate Time Tracking
Travel time at CPH used to always be recorded at a quarter hour on paper. Now technicians use the MyTime app to clock in and out of service jobs providing more accurate, real-time data.


Efficient Billing
Technicians at CPH generate invoices and bill the customer before leaving the job. Technicians save time since they don’t have to hand write out each invoice. When they used paper, time and details would be entered once they returned to the office. Now end of day entry at the office is eliminated and real-time information is available if customers call in with questions

Unlimited History & Detail
Having been in business for almost 30 years, the ability to see what is done in each home in years past is invaluable. For example, CPH has records of what kind of toilet and parts are installed in each individual room of customers’ homes. This makes ordering replacement parts that much easier!

Inventory Visibility
Technicians need to be able to lookup and order a wide variety of parts quickly. At CPH they use integrated vendor catalogs to quickly lookup parts and pricing in EBMS.  No need to wait for a vendor to get back to you with updated prices - all vendor parts can be quickly viewed with the most recent pricing and availability.

Marcie, who has been with CPH for over 12 years, mentioned “All day long from the moment we come in here and turn our computers on, EBMS is a big part of everyone, all through the day, we’re constantly in there. I find it very easy to use." 

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"A big thing is time card entry. The technicians keep all their time by clocking in and out of tasks. Everything is more accurate. We can actually see where they are within their day. We pull up their time card and can see what tasks they are clocked into and where they are at."

James Moyer
Cocalico Plumbing and Heating

A Few Favorite EBMS Features

Sales Circle

Unlimited Sales, Service, and Parts History



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