Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living Supply Center

Price, Kit, and Sell Diverse Product

Selling outdoor living products includes complexity such as flexible product options and multiple units of measure with different methods of pricing. As you grow, you need to be able to efficiently sell a variety of product in flexible ways. EBMS partners with landscape supply centers to address these common challenges so that you can meet customer demand.

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Outdoor living Bulk Inventory

Buy & Sell in Different Measures 

Are you struggling to manage bulk material inventory while buying in one measure and selling in another? Purchase and sell bulk, bagged, and layered product accurately. Price your product based on quantity, unit-of-measure, and varying price levels to accommodate both contractors and consumers.

Playset Manufacturing & Distribution

Create Diverse Product

Design custom items, sell kits, and repackage product – all while maintaining accurate inventory. Whether configuring custom furniture, selling sets, or selecting from color or style combinations, EBMS gives you a flexible toolset to meet specific customer demands.


Order Entry Software

Price & Build Orders Quickly

Powerful order entry tools allow you to price and quote backyard packages. Arm your sales staff with a full featured point of sale that includes payment options, barcode tools, scales, and shipping tools.

Order Fulfillment Solution

Fulfill Orders with Ease

Streamline your workflow with one integrated solution. Automate your order fulfillment process with barcode technology and special-order tools. Efficiently calculate delivery charges and shipping documents to accelerate the order process and provide an outstanding customer experience.

Rentals & Consumables

Manage Rentals & Consumables 

Improve your rental process with tools to create contracts, manage recurring rentals, and track service and delivery. Having one integrated solution makes it easier to collect, access and manage information across all areas of your operations.

Business Financials Software

Streamline Financial & Business Processes

Integration of cost of sales and inventory values with normal business functions is one of the key strengths of our ERP system. The process of pricing, purchasing, and selling product is integrated tightly with accounts receivable, vendor purchases, and financials. The comprehensive audit trail and reporting options give you optimum visibility into your business and enable you to make decisions for the future.

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Industry experts will proactively address your needs, pinpoint inefficiencies, and implement proven industry workow to drive your business success. From business analysis and project planning to setup, migration, and training, we will guide you each step of the way.


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