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Are you struggling to schedule work orders, track parts, and create orders efficiently? In order to grow, you need to be able to manage all aspects of your lawn and garden shop from a single solution. EBMS allows sales and service departments to work within one integrated software with access to the same data to promote fluid workflow and greater efficiency.  

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Track warranty
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Streamline labor management and accounting

Equipment Service

Streamline Service and Repair

Service techs can quickly record parts and labor on each repair order to make billing easy. One labor management solution simplifies the daily duties of a service manager by integrating work order scheduling and billing with invoicing tools, inventory management, payroll, and historical detail.

Sell Equipment & Parts

Sell Equipment & Parts with Ease

Streamlined tools guide you through creating sales orders and special orders as well as purchasing product if it is not in stock and recording down payments. Easily find replacement parts to meet specific client needs. Use powerful product lookup tools to access vendor parts lists, availability, and price files - all directly from order entry.

Supplier Catalogs & Inventory Management

Manage Parts & Access Supplier Catalogs

Categorize and price product while interacting with a variety of manufacturer catalogs and supplier spreadsheets from one integrated catalog. Quickly record mower specs, track inventory counts, set reorder points, and associate parts with work orders. Reduce inventory headaches and streamline processes.

Replacement Parts Lookup

Lookup Replacement Parts Quickly

EBMS interfaces with ARI's PartSmart™ electronic parts catalog. Click on a part within PartSmart's detailed parts diagram and view part numbers, costs, pricing, and availability directly from EBMS. 

Equipment History Tracking

Track Equipment Warranty & History

Track individual pieces of equipment and attachments that are built, purchased, sold, and serviced. Replacement parts, past usage, service notes, and warranty information are traced for mowers, power tools, and powersports. Drill deep into service history of each piece of equipment and get the details you need to make knowledgeable decisions.

Business Financials Software

Simplify Back Office Management

The process of selling and servicing equipment is integrated tightly with accounting, payroll, and business intelligence. By moving all of your data and business processes into a single ERP, you can ensure data accuracy and maintain visibility into the financial health of all of your complex lines of business. These integrated business functions allow you to take decisive action supported by a single financial data source.

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The Process

In three years our company decreased our end of year inventory by about 10%. During that time our sales grew by 21%. While we cannot measure fill rate precisely, we know that it improved as well by having more of the right things on the shelf and less of the wrong things. We did not spend nearly as much time on setting min/max levels. As a result we were able to free up cash by needing less inventory and by spending less wages on managing inventory.

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