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Make Selling Parts Easy

Are you struggling to find, price, and manage all the various parts that make up your custom hose assemblies, connectors, and kits? As you grow you need to be able to view info and availability for each specialized part while efficiently building and pricing the finished product. EBMS partners with the hydraulic industry to solve these common issues and make selling easy again with ERP software.

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Build Custom Hoses and Kits

Easily build and price custom hose assemblies with integrated inventory and powerful point-of-sale. A predefined list of parts, labor, and assembly options are associated with the finished product to lookup, purchase, configure, and sell custom and complex product. Integrated manufacturing tools guide you through creating stock hose, cylinders, and
other equipment all while maintaining accurate inventory for each part used in the assembly.

order entry tools

Create Orders Quickly

Powerful order entry gives you tools to quickly build or scan stock parts and made-to-order assemblies at time of checkout. Custom kits and assemblies are configured and built to create accurate and complex orders on the fly. Flexible pricing, proper terms, integrated payment options, and preset details and promotions empower you to create
orders with speed and efficiency.

work order and task management

Schedule & Service

Service techs quickly record parts and labor on each repair order to make billing easy. The MyTime App empowers employees to record time on a variety of daily tasks, work orders, and appointments while on the go. Simplify the daily duties of a service manager by integrating work order scheduling and billing with invoicing tools, inventory management, payroll, and historical detail all in one labor management solution.

parts inventory control

Control a Large Parts Inventory

Categorize and manage a large catalog with complex made-to-order assemblies, parts, and equipment. Track inventory counts, maintain reorder points, create purchase orders, and review history to know which parts are being stocked and what is available at any given time.

track equipment history

Track Cylinders and Equipment

Identify equipment details and warranty information per serialized unit on all cylinders and equipment. Service notes and repair history are tracked with each custom or standard item. Easy lookup allows you to view any details, whether building, modifying, or repairing cylinders and equipment, to increase data visibility and reduce operational inefficiencies.

finanicals and reporting

Simplify Back Office Management

At the end of the day you need to know your bottom line and review accurate business reports to make data-driven decisions for your business. The process of building, stocking, and selling product is integrated tightly with labor management, accounting, payroll, and business intelligence. These integrated business functions allow you to take decisive action supported by a single financial data source.

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Industry experts will proactively address your needs, pinpoint inefficiencies, and implement proven industry workow to drive your business success. From business analysis and project planning to setup, migration, and training, we will guide you each step of the way.


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“We have a great relationship with Eagle and have really enjoyed working with them for over 20 years as our business software provider to manage sales, inventory control, work orders, and accounting processes for Beiler Hydraulics. They have invested heavily in the hydraulic and equipment industries and are looking to continue to expand. If you ever need to upgrade software, I recommend that you take a look at what they have to offer.”

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