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Create Orders with Ease

Do you spend hours finding the right part, attaching the correct pricing, and creating invoices for your customers? With business management software for wholesale distribution, you can combine powerful product lookup, flexible pricing, and customer accounts to create orders with speed and efficiency. All orders are created from one easy window. Kitting product, integrated vendor catalogs, and advanced pricing options ensure that you can create accurate orders with ease.

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Manage inventory stock levels and forecasting

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Streamline order entry and fulfillment


Flexible price levels and special pricing 


Integrate with purchasing and accounting

inventory management

Manage Inventory

Powerful tools allow you to effectively control inventory levels, recording inventory movements and adjustments in real time. Recording of product received, order picking, and transfers mean that you know which products are being stocked and the quantity available at any given time. Inventory is tracked across multiple warehouses while using the mobile scanner to easily record counts and know product availability like never before.

automated purchasing and receiving

Automate Purchasing & Receiving

The truly integrated nature of our solution leads to increased automation, particularly in purchasing and receiving. By automatically calculating reorder points from historical values, managing drop shipments and special orders, and batch creating purchase orders, the time spent on purchasing and receiving processes is greatly reduced.

order fulfillment software

Streamline Order Fulfillment

Pick, pack, and ship orders with increased efficiency to ensure on-time delivery and consistently meet customer demand. Bills of lading, shipping manifests, and packing lists are generated to validate processes and reduce order fulfillment errors. Mobile scanner solutions automate previously laborious processes while detailed order pick sheets, flexible delivery options, and communication with common shipping carriers, keep orders organized and shipped on time.

inventory forecasting software

Improve Inventory Turnover

Stay one step ahead of the customer by forecasting product demand and sales expectations. Advanced inventory tools determine stock level parameters to manage safety stock while avoiding lost sales. The accuracy of inventory combined with sales forecasting makes it possible to improve inventory turnover while reducing overall inventory.

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Take Orders Quickly

Create orders with powerful product lookup, flexible pricing structures, and integrated customer accounts. Improve quote accuracy and eliminate billing errors with flexible promotional, bracketed, and contracted pricing structures while managing customer tiers based on volume or category. Integrated credit card payments and the online customer portal allow your customers to view, pay, and shop on account with their terms and pricing.

financials and reporting

Simplify Financial & Business Processes

Integration of cost of sales and inventory values with normal business functions is one of the key strengths of our ERP system. The process of purchasing, stocking, and delivering product is integrated tightly with accounts receivable, vendor purchases, FIFO inventory, and accounting. The comprehensive audit trail and reporting options give you optimum visibility into your business and enable you to make decisions for the future.

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Industry experts will proactively address your needs, pinpoint inefficiencies, and implement proven industry workflow to drive your business success. From business analysis and project planning to setup, migration, and training, we will guide you each step of the way.


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