Building Supply

Point-of-Sale, Sales, Work Orders, Inventory, and Accounting

Full ERP Systems for Building Supply

Are you fumbling around with excel worksheets and a calculator to quote and sell products by the linear foot and inch at the point-of-sale? Are you leaving a trail of papers and creating duplicate entries from sales and production to delivery? Is it a struggle to manage inventory for random length items then create quotes and sell building packages using materials lists? Get a handle on your business from inventory to delivery with EBMS.

EBMS specializes in helping building suppliers with software to give them a big picture view of their business while streamlining processes to improve their workflow.



  • EBMS contains tools to calculate cost and pricing by the linear feet and inch for variable length products such as metal roofing panels, custom trim, lumber, and more.


  • Create canned quote templates to allow you to quickly create proposals. You can also create materials lists within a proposal or sales order to list all product and labor that is being used but only show one price to the customer.

Work Orders

  • Scheduling, document storage, and integration options help you automate and streamline your processes into one powerful ERP solution.

Inventory Control

  • The system enables you to sell product by the feet and inch while reducing and tracking inventory of the coil or raw material that you are using to produce the finished product.


  • EBMS integrates the sales, inventory, jobs, and back-office accounting into one streamlined ERP solution for the building supply industry.

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