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Are you spending time flipping through vendor catalogs or crawling vendor websites looking for a part and pricing? Are you trying to navigate multiple different systems to enter sales orders, work orders, and inventory details? If these challenges sound all-too-familiar, it’s time your business gets an ERP software to accelerate growth.

Access Vendor Catalogs from Point-of-Sale

Use powerful product lookup tools to access vendor parts lists, price files, and availability directly from Point-of-Sale. The Year, Make, Model lookup gives you instant access to updated product information from integrated vendor catalogs. A new year? A new model? No problem. As soon as the manufacturer provides the data, you have it.


Control a Large Parts Catalog

Easily categorize and price product while interacting with a variety of vendor catalogs, data partners, and supplier spreadsheets all from one integrated solution. Automate purchasing processes by viewing products that are below desired stock levels and generating purchase orders.

Manage Installation & Service

Schedule jobs, record time, and evaluate productivity to efficiently manage technicians and schedules. Simplify the duties of a service manager by integrating work orders with invoicing tools, inventory management, payroll, and historical details.

Sell Special Orders with Ease

Automated pricing configurations allow you to customize your pricing so that, at the counter, you can quickly search, find, and then sell without hassle, even if you have never seen the product before! Streamlined Point-of-Sale and Inventory tools will guide you through creating special orders, purchasing the product if it is not in stock, and recording down payments, all while maintaining accounting details that will make your accountant smile.

Record Vehicle Details

Track serial numbers for individual vehicles, equipment, and assemblies that are built, purchased, or sold. Replacement parts, past usage, service notes, and warranty information are traced per unit to improve customer service and get you the details you need.

Simplify Back Office Management

At the end of the day you need to know your bottom line and review accurate business reports to make data-driven decisions for your business. The process of purchasing, stocking, and selling product is integrated tightly with accounting, payroll, and business intelligence. These integrated business functions allow you to take decisive action supported by a single financial data source.

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