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Accounts Receivable (Sales) Module Payment Processing

Process payment cards directly from EBMS.

    Payware Payment Processing

    Payware Payment Processing
  • Integrated Processing

    Payment cards such as credit, debit, gift, EBT and loyalty cards are processed directly from the EBMS software. This module streamlines the processing, settlement, and management of payment card processing. The secure PCI approved method of credit card storage and processing combined with the cash management tools of the EBMS software creates an efficient way of recording multiple payment methods.  

    Secure Processing

    The payment card module securely stores credit card information within a sales order or customer account by encrypting the credit card number. Conveniently process payments without the security concerns of many applications. The optional credit card gateway used by EBMS is Payware Payment Processing. This gateway can record and process a credit card within the EBMS software. Choose one of the many merchant accounts that interface with the Verifone Payment Devices.

    Merchant Account Parameters

    Eagle Business Software has partnered with various credit card merchant service providers to allow your business the opportunity to choose the merchant services provider (MSP) and the payment processing platform.

    > View Merchant Account Parameters

    Payment Devices

    Payware Payment ProcessingA variety of payment devices and point-of-sale stations can be used in conjunction with this module.

    > View Payment Devices

    • Payware Payment Processing

    • Process credit cards and debit cards directly from the EBMS software
    • Streamline processing, settlement, and management of payment cards
    • Choose from a wide variety of merchant accounts
    • Securely store credit card information within a sales order or customer account without storing the actual credit card number.
    • Pre-authorize credit cards for a sales order before an order is shipped and processed
    • Setup separate cash amounts for multiple locations or multiple merchant accounts to simplify cash reconciliation
    • Create and maintain a reliable solution that is easy to PCI certify because of the centralized, secure payment server
    • Interface with the Verifone Payment Device
    • Process Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards with a compatible EBT payment card processor
    • Activate, load, sell, and process gift cards
    • Establish a loyalty card program and activate, add, and redeem points
    • View loyalty card point balance and award value
  • Payware Payment Process
  • What is PCI compliance?
  • Note: This module may require additional setup labor depending on the merchant account's configuration needs.
  • Below are the Preferred Merchants for Payware Payment Processing
    *Discount services are provided by preferred merchants. Be sure to mention you are an Eagle Business Software customer!
  • 321Swipe

    Prefer dealing with a real, live person? Caryn Hales, independent representative for 321Swipe, is based in Lancaster County, and can come out to your business to discuss your merchant needs. 321Swipe offers a full spectrum of secure payment processing solutions, including credit, debit, ACH, electronic check and two types of gift/loyalty cards. Their strong ethics and outstanding customer service has attracted a wide base of loyal clients, including chain stores and franchises.

    - NO contracts and NO cancellation fees
    - NO teaser rates and NO rate increases
    - NO application fees and NO hidden fees
    - Clear and competitive pricing - astounding savings
    - Simple and secure integration with EBMS
    - Responsive local customer service rep
    - 24/7 US-based customer service line

    Click here for more info.

    Caryn Hales
    Phone: 941-928-3210
    321Swipe PDF

  • 360 Payments
    The company was founded on the beliefs and core values of honesty and integrity. The credit card processing industry is very competitive and can be confusing for business owners. This is why 360 Payments focuses on teaching their clients to understand the fees by taking a consultative, educational, and service-driven approach. Some of the main differentiators of 360 Payments from most other processing companies is that they have no contracts and guarantee never to raise fees for as long as you are a client.
    David Fenyvesi
    Phone: 941-928-3210
    Visit website
  • OpenEdge
    OpenEdge (formerly PayPros) partners with EBMS to save time and money with an integrated payment solution for EBMS. While others offer piecemeal services, OpenEdge gives you one resource for everything you need including superior integrated payment technology, unwavering technical support, and better-than-bank merchant services.
    Phone: 800-774-6462 x4945
    PayPros PDF

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