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Inventory Control Inventory Control

Manage inventory with a powerful cataloging tool.

    Equipment rental
    retail store
    • Catalogs inventory items in Groups and Subgroups
    • Supports Multiple Description lines
    • Advanced General Ledger options are available to record Standard Sales, Purchasing, Asset and other Inventory Accounts
    • Purchasing Window includes powerful Query, Lists, and grouping to simplify purchase order entry and processing
    • Allows multiple Units of Measure within the same inventory item
    • Allows Components or Inventory Assemblies
    • Facilitates FIFO, LIFO, Perpetual Inventory Processing
    • Completes monthly Purchasing and Sales History for an unlimited number of years
    • Multiple price levels with flexible pricing based on Cost, List Price, or other formulas
    • Completes Vendor Purchasing history
    • Supports multiple Vendor Part Numbers for each item
    • The purchase invoice of an inventory item can be directly referenced from the sales invoice
    • Maintains easy-to-view On-hand Counts, Purchase Orders, and Sales Order balances
    • Facilitates substitute items for Obsolete or Discontinued items
    • Conveniently records each time a sale is lost and the information regarding the Lost Sale
    • Batch Adjust the counts and values of multiple track count inventory items
    • Batch Edit certain properties (e.g. description, cost, type, weight, minimum stock, etc.) of inventory items from a spreadsheet.