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"Build your company's online presence by displaying product and connecting customer accounts on your website. Integrate into your existing product list, customer accounts, and order entry processes."
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eCommerce Sales Module
The eCommerce module integrates with the inventory and sales modules to create a complete online store. The module includes a full featured shopping cart that is integrated into the EBMS sales order and payments system.
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Dynamic Content CatalogInventory Module
Dynamic Content Catalog The eCommerce module allows the user to create product lists, pictures, pricing, and details directly from the EBMS system. The company reduces redundant information by maintaining one product, price, and customer list that is synched to the web.
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Integrated Payment Card Processing
Integrated Payment Card Processing Secure credit card web processing is used in conjunction with the Payment Processing module for complete integrated credit card and gift card processing within EBMS and the website. Payments on the website can be completed or managed within EBMS streamlining the process. Payments through PayPal can also be accepted.
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Integrated Customer AccountsSales Module
Integrated Payment Card Processing Website pricing, available products, and accounts term settings can be controlled from the customer record within EBMS.  A customer with an account can login to the website and view product at the specified price level and buy with the specific terms.
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Integrated Order EntrySales Module
Integrated Order EntryhOrders created using the shopping cart within the eCommerce website create a sales order in EBMS.This allows the web created sales order, inventory tracking, shipping, customer information, payment processing, and history to be handled in the same way as an order created from the brick and mortar store.
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CMS & Site ManagerSales Module

The Content Management System allows the user to change non-product related pages quickly to keep the business profile and information current.

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Freight Calculation & ShippingSales Module
Freight Calculation & Shipping The website integrates with the shipping calculation module in EBMS to provide accurate shipping information on web orders.
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Custom Products, Kits, and AccessoriesInventory Module
Product AttributesSell custom items, made-to-order product, and accessories online. The optional component list allows the customer select opions on the website when purchasing product. The price can be calculated real time according to the selections made by the user.
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Product Attributes Inventory Module
Product AttributesGroup a significant number of items together based on one or more options using the product groups in EBMS.
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Serialized items
Serialized ItemsSell unique items online and track serial numbers. This module is used in conjunction with Serialized Items in EBMS to sell individual items with serial numbers on a website. This feature is a great option to use when selling art, equipment with unique characteristics, or items with slight differences such as color or options.
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Design & Development
Responsive DesignWith an ever increasing variety of devices on the market and a constantly evolving web, responsive design is without a doubt one of the top concerns for today.
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Portfolio View a portfolio of current websites in a variety of industries including parts, markets, wholesale, and retail.
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Web Services
Web Services Eagle Business Software offers full hosting, interactive design, backup, email, and social marketing professional services.
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Point-of-Sale = Online StoreSales Module

Point of SaleUse a single product, price, and customer list for both the point-of-sale and online store. The online store can share all the same information as the product catalog within EBMS. Allow dealers to log into an online catalog and place orders based on the EBMS pricing, terms, and shipping options.
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