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"Managing a lawn and garden business involves a number of challenges such as organizing a large number of repair parts, tracking the serialized items for warranty purposes, managing work orders efficiently, and maintaining accurate accounting information..."
"In three years our company decreased our end of year inventory by about 10%..." - Gap Power
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Point-of-Sale Sales Module

Point-of-Sale The point-of-sale feature within EBMS allows the user to quickly sell parts or a serialized item such as a mower or chain saw. Down payments, special order parts, and billing for service can be handled quickly within the same POS screen.
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Inventory Management Inventory Module

Inventory Management The inventory system includes tools to handle stock parts, special order parts, and serialized equipment. The EBMS inventory system allows the user to catalog many parts in folder groups to assist the user in finding parts within a large inventory without knowing the part number or details.
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Service and Repairs Payroll Module

Service and Repairs A work order is an important document when tracking parts and labor associated to a repair job. Work order scheduling, billing, and recording history are important tools for a service department. The Task Module is useful in scheduling service technicians and evaluating the efficiency of personnel.
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Special Order Parts Inventory Module

Special Order Parts This feature offers the user to special order parts without creating a unique part number for each item. The inventory value is properly processed since the sales invoice is linked to the original purchase order.
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Serialized Items Inventory Module

Serilaized Items Record the serial numbers of the equipment that is purchased and sold by using the serialized item module. EBMS gives the user the tools to record details about mowers, power tools, and other serialized equipment. A complete service history of each serial number is available.
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Vendor Parts Catalog Inventory Module

Vendor Price Catalog Access manufacturer or supplier parts information costs, part number, and descriptions from the sales order or work order screen. Use EBMS to attach a supplier's parts catalog using standard software tools and without importing all the parts into your main inventory catalog.
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General Accounting

EBMS includes not only the tools listed but also a complete accounting system, profit center management tools, work order management, POS stations, and much more. View all accounting options >
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