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"The manufacturing module of EBMS is used primarily to manufacture products or create assemblies to distribute or sell. This module is used to create products from raw materials, assemble kits or assemblies before the sale of the item, determine costs for an item or batch of product, and compile the materials list needed to manufacture items."
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Manufacturing Process Inventory Module

Manufacturing ProcessThe EBMS software contains tools to manage manufacturing by creating manufacturing batches, tracking the inventory items consumed, tracking costs including labor and supplies, and managing lots and options. The software provides the tools to help you manage the Manufacturing process of custom items, serialized items, or standard kits and assemblies.

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Made-to-Order Manufacturing Inventory Module

Made to Order Manufacturing The Made-to-Order (MTO) option within EBMS gives the user the convenience of combining the 2 step process of manufacturing and sales into a single step. The MTO process is ideal when items such as custom furniture, sheds, and equipment are individually manufactured based on options selected within the sales order.
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Inventory Software Inventory Module

Inventory SoftwareThe Inventory Management system within EBMS can simplify the process of managing raw materials, tracking parts, and organizing finished goods such as equipment, furniture, buildings, or other kits.  The stock levels and the FIFO cost of the raw materials or finished good are managed within the software. The inventory module includes the tools and data required to properly purchase, sell, and manage a large number of parts or assemblies.
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Components Sales Module

ComponentsA predefined component list can be associated with each finished good to easily define a list of materials used to manufacture a product. The component list can consist of raw materials, parts, labor, or other costs. An assembly list can be used to project inventory required to manufacture or maintain an updated cost of the manufactured item.

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Job Costing Expenses Module

Job CostingThe job costing module of EBMS is used to analyze large manufacturing or construction projects. This tool is useful in measuring the labor and materials cost of a large manufacturing job or a batch of product. The job costing module includes the ability to do progress billing, create multiple stages, and compare actual costs to estimated costs of the job or stages of the job.
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Serialized Items Serialized Items

Serialized ItemsThe EBMS software can build serialized items such as equipment, storage sheds, or other items identified with a serial number or other code. The serialized item module is a great enhancement to the manufacturing module when manufacturing products with unique characteristics or options.
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General Accounting

EBMS includes not only the tools listed but also a complete accounting system, profit center management tools, work order management, POS stations, and much more. View all accounting options >
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