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"The automotive industry specific tools gives the user the ability to manage a large number of auto parts, maintain pricing, and manage special orders..."

"EBMS has helped us achieve efficiency not just for our point of sale software needs, but our accounting needs as well..."
- Allout Offroad, Inc

Advanced POS Tools Quick product lookup tools, barcode printing, and scanning options make selecting items quick and efficient. Promotional pricing and advanced pricing options are available. Stream-lined point-of-sale options make the solution quick and easy-to-use to meet the needs of today's retail environment.
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Inventory Management Inventory Module

Comprehensive Inventory Management Kits, assemblies and automatic labor/installation fees per product. Includes cross-reference and superseded parts, multiple inventory locations, advanced purchasing tools, and so much more.
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Special Orders Sales Module

Special Order ProcessingThe EBMS software contains the tools to manage parts that are special ordered from the supplier based on a request from the customer. The special order process of recording a down payment, creating a purchase order, and recording a vendor part number can all be handled from the sales order.  
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Parts CatalogSales Module

Vendor Price Catalogs This feature allows the user to access multiple parts price catalogs from multiple vendors without cluttering the main inventory catalog with parts that are never used. These separate vendor catalogs are linked to the main EBMS catalog to update pricing and other details.
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Data Integrations

Keystone Parts Selector EBMS partners with Keystone Automotive Operations, WHI Solutions, and SEMA Data Co-op. Parts can be accessed directly from the order entry window, based on the year, make, and model of the customer's automobile, by connecting to partner catalogs.
eKeystone WHI Nexpart SDC

Installation and Service Other Module

Installation and Service Work Order System Tracking service and vehicle information, as well as labor and billing information for individual jobs and customers, creates a powerful work order system. Shop labor can be managed by using billable time.
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Serialized Items

Serialized ItemsThe Serialized Item module is used to record vehicle or trailer VIN numbers as well as the serial numbers of components such as truck caps, truck beds, electronics, or other serailized accessories. Parts can be added to customized trailers or vehicles even before they are sold to track inventory and upfitting costs.
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General Accounting

EBMS includes not only the tools listed but also a complete accounting system, profit center management tools, work order management, POS stations, and much more. View all accounting options >

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