Processing a Sales Invoice with Commissions

The salesperson setting is found on the header of the sales invoice. Open a sales order or create a new invoice as shown below:


The Salesperson entry can be defaulted using two different methods.

  1. Default the EBMS login user as the salesperson. This method requires the Default Sales Person to user name option to be enabled. This option is found by click on Sales > Options > Invoices and S.O.s tab as shown below:


The Default sales person to user name option should only be enabled if the salesperson also has a login account within the EBMS software. If this option is enabled, the sales personís Name should appear on the sales person dialog in the same syntax as the userís EBMS login name. Review the Getting Started > Security > Creating Users and Assigning Rights within the main EBMS manual for more details on creating user accounts.

  1. The 2nd method will be used if the Default sales person to user name option is disabled and the Salesperson entry within the customer record is populated. A default salesperson can be assigned to a customer by entering the Salesperson entry into the Terms tab of a customer. Go to Sales > Customers and click on the Terms tab to view or change the Salesperson entry as shown below:




A sales person can be manually entered or selected by using the salesperson lookup list as shown below:



The commission is calculated for the salesperson at the time the invoice is processed. The following commission transactions are created if the sales general ledger account is within the range of any commission records.

General Ledger Account of Finished Good items   ____Debit / Credit

The commission expense account for each detail line with commissions Debit

This expense account is entered within the commission rate record.  

The commission liability account entered in the salesperson record.  Credit

This liability account is entered within the Commissions tab of the salesperson record.

Review the Commission Rates section for more details on entering the liability and expense general ledger accounts.


The liability account should always be used when paying commissions that were calculated when the sales invoice was processed. Review the