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  • The online web tools include the editor, seo, and administration tools. The content management tools allow the user to change any non-product related pages quickly from an online editor. This would includes pages such as Home, About, Contact. It also provided tools to upload files, images, or new pages to your website. The SEO tools allow the web administrator to add meta information for static and dynamic content.

    eCommerce Web Tools is an enhancement of the EBMS eCommerce Module
    • Quickly edit static web pages such as the home page, about page, and contact page from the online editor
    • Upload images, files, and content pages from a local computer to the website
    • Add meta information and title tags from the Search Engine Optimization tool. The meta tags for the eCommerce folders and items can be set up in the website administator as well. Note that the meta tags for eCommerce folders and items are defaulted from product information within EBMS.

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